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Luffy Gear 4th Haki Aura by shadowlord19
Luffy Gear 4th Haki Aura
This was loads of fun to draw, I don't know if when they show it in the anime, that his color scheme will be different, perhaps blue like nightmare luffy, or something else like purple. This is my second drawing of luffy's gear 4th, and it's honestly better than my last. I'm excited for what awaits in the future, once luffy masters his devil fruit, his future gears will be insane, especially when he has awakened his devil fruit, he will be more of a monster than what he is now. Here looking forward to 10 more years of one piece.

One Piece belongs to Eiichiro Oda 
Hey fellow friends and artist of the night, this is shadowlord19 with updates. So alot's been going on in my life, I just truly appreciate life, which has really taken awhile for me to do, due to anxiety and depression, which sucks like a bitch. I feel alot better, and I have alot of plans this summer, I finished my 4th semester at my college, so I am free to draw alot and submit alot of artwork so look out for that. I plan to also do some self improvement, which includes exercise, cooking, reading, writing, languages, further improving my drawing skills, and much more. Also I will be cleaning my gallery out, which includes pages of Shinku Eden which I have made, as well as other comics and projects. They will either be in a folder, in my gallery, or somewhere in my scrapbook. I have other news, for those of you who do not know I used to have another account on deviantart, known as crystallovemaster, I deleted it because I thought that crossdressing and having people viewing those images was lowering my vibrations, because I was buying into the bullshit of some metaphysical guru. I won't go into detail about that right now maybe some other day, though what you need to know is that I have created a new account called crystalloveempress, you can look that up if you like, and check it out. I have also been doing some self discovery these past few years, and I have discovered that I am pansexual. Well that's all for now, shadow out.…


Shadows never die, they change.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Shadowlord19 also known as c.l. stewart, miguel shayde, and shalu. I know this may sound like something like naruto what naruto would say if he was a artist, my dream like so many other young comic artist from all corners of the world is to become the greatest manga artsist, and to bring a revolution to this world unlike none other has before, to bring about a manga renaissnce(rebirth). I draw manga, and anime, in my style is a unique simplistic surrealistic art style that i've developed through inspiration brought upon by observing life and anime. I am currently working on my manga shinku eden is drawn in the fore mentioned unique style, and I know it will and shall be a success, as well as my other manga "Echoing Eden", and other future projects will be.

Oh and one more thing, which is actually a couple of things I am a spiritual, vegan, crossdressing, funny, philosophical, stoic, super friendly, hyper, over imaginative, creatively free mind, multidimensional, being, alright that's all I could think of, so yeah have fun with that, hahahahahahaha. I love all you awesome beings.

Please feel free to view my comic Shinku Eden on…

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Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga
Personal Quote: "Nothing is true, Everything is permitted"

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