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Hey again friends. Man this has been a long ass week, my family is about to move and we've still got more crap to move out of the old house and down to our new house, and I have a exam this week for english comp. I'm going go to sleep now, so goodbye for now, friends. 
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Shadows never die, they change.
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United States
My name is Shadowlord19 also known as c.l. stewart, miguel shayde, and shalu. I know this may sound like something like naruto what naruto would say if he was a artist, my dream like so many other young comic artist from all corners of the world is to become the greatest manga artsist, and to bring a revolution to this world unlike none other has before, to bring about a manga renaissnce(rebirth). I draw manga, and anime, in my style is a unique simplistic surrealistic art style that i've developed through inspiration brought upon by observing life and anime. I am currently working on my manga shinku eden is drawn in the fore mentioned unique style, and I know it will and shall be a success, as well as my other manga "Echoing Eden", and other future projects will be.

Oh and one more thing, which is actually a couple of things I am a spiritual, vegan, crossdressing, funny, philosophical, stoic, super friendly, hyper, over imaginative, creatively free mind, multidimensional, being, alright that's all I could think of, so yeah have fun with that, hahahahahahaha. I love all you awesome beings.

Please feel free to view my comic Shinku Eden on…

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Favourite style of art: Anime, Manga
Personal Quote: "Nothing is true, Everything is permitted"

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